Investment Funds Types in 2017

Investment Funds

Investment funds Types in 2017 Currently, there are thousands of mutual funds spread across the world and that you are investing, either through specialization in possession of specific assets, or a variety of assets, or even specialize in certain economic sectors, or specific geographic areas.

Individuals who seek to preserve the value of their 100K Factory Revolution savings or search for profits, invest their money in several ways depending on the goal and knowledge of each individual, whether to deposit their money in savings accounts offered by local financial institutions such as banks which, or the purchase of real estate, or invest in various capital markets as markets stock commodities and foreign currencies.

Investment Funds
Investment Funds

But these 100K Factory Revolution methods may have several disadvantages does not fit most people, for example, deposit money in banks is a risk-free investment, but it does not provide a great return. While the investment in other high-yielding assets like investing in the stock market, foreign currencies or commodities, involves significant risks, and requires the investor to invest in these assets to the great knowledge and long-time to make investment decisions, which will not be available to all individuals, so turn these investors to invest their money in mutual funds, which provide them with better than bank deposits return and less risk by investing in a number of assets.

What are investment funds?
Investment funds are financial institutions, private or government may be, its business is based on providing investment services, whether to individuals or other institutions, they can not do something else in addition to providing investment services. These institutions are providing implementation of customer orders related to investment services, negotiating on behalf of clients, financial portfolio management, sale and purchase of financial assets in various global financial markets.

The 100K Factory Revolution fund, which is also called the investment or investment institutions, companies, collects funds from a group of investors from other individuals and institutions to invest these funds and to achieve a return in the long term, with the distribution of the return on investors as the share of each investor, for a commission to cover expenses management and governance.
Investment funds designed to facilitate access to various investors and achieve the return of financial markets, especially those who do not have the appropriate knowledge and skills in ways that sound investment, portfolio management and analysis of market trends and the percentage of the risk. These institutional investors as an opportunity for young investors with small savings and who do not have sufficient funds to create a balanced portfolios.

The types of investment funds
Investment funds are divided into several types depending on how management and investment targets, in addition to the privacy laws by every country in the world. These funds are divided mainly of two types: investment funds restricted and unrestricted investment funds.
Investment Funds: Also called with the head CSS capital investment funds, which are investment companies are issuing securities (shares that investors owning) only once, through a public offer process initial “IPO” (Initial public offering) in the stock market, in the same way in which the shares of the other 100K Factory companies put up for trading for the first time in the stock market. Investors who want to get their shares that they have purchased in the first time through the IPO process of the fund can not answer these rations to them, but they have to sell them to other investors in the stock market compared to the market price.
Investment funds non-restricted: Also called top of the head open capital investment companies, an open investment funds to entry or investors out, so that it can obtain additional funds to invest more investors wanted without any limitation, unlike mutual funds restricted, as can be for investors to recover their shares of the same fund by law and the agreement with the Fund without resorting to the stock market. This type of fund is the most prevalent species.

How to choose the investment funds
Currently, there are thousands of mutual funds spread across the world and that you are investing, either through specialization in possession of specific assets, or a variety of assets, or even specialize in certain economic sectors, or specific geographic areas.

These institutions are personalizing diverse portfolios for their clients vary according to the degree of risk involved and the yield is expected of them, which provides investors with numerous solutions with regard to invest their savings. These investment funds and publish periodic reports and data on most of the events related to its activities and the performance of their investment portfolios. And the investor should know the objectives of the investment to choose the right investment fund for him, for example, for an United Trading Group investor to determine whether he was looking for just the insurance money from inflation, or that it is seeking an acceptable return for little risk, or high yield versus the risk is high. And also to how long they intend to recover his money.
As an investor can also choose from investment funds according to the distribution of profits to investors the way, if an investor wanted to get profits periodically by investing his money in financial institutions that invest their portfolios in fixed income assets bonds and treasury bonds business.