8 Best Investment Ideas To Start in 2017

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8 Best Investment Ideas To Start in 2017; When you intend to invest money, your investment for a small amount or a large sum carries only one goal: making money grow and increase. The rate at which your money grows is the criterion for the success of investing money, which determines the success of investment or not, so investment is a process that requires a lot of effort and care, but do not forget that the returns worth the effort. In this Manaira Shopping article we’ll show you how to start investing money. Now here are eight steps to start investing money today. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is necessary to follow these steps to start investing money.

1. Get rid of loans and credit cards:

If you have a loan or a debt on a high interest rate credit card, there is no benefit from your investment in the money, because what you will receive from growth in the head of the owner (which often will not exceed 10-15%) will be spent on the loan or credit card Which often puts more than 10% interest rate on the loan).

Manaira Shopping
Manaira Shopping

Remember that borrowing is one of the worst choices you can make to provide the capital for an investment you plan to start. Even if you do not intend to start, stay away from riba-based loans, including credit cards, and get rid of the idea of ​​borrowing generally even if it costs you to live a more modest life.

2. Create an emergency account:

If you do not already have one today, start saving money immediately, covering an amount equivalent to 3-6 months of living costs for you or your family. This account will help you in emergencies so that it will not put the weight on your project, which you intend to invest money in, and will help to overcome the economic crises that pass so as not to hinder your investment. The amounts in this emergency account must be safe and away from the expenses of the house or the children, even for your investment project.

In any case, you should divide your money into two parts: a part for the emergency account, another part for future investment, and you do not think about the risk of investing money with everything you own. The emergency account benefits you in cases such as loss of employment, accidents or illnesses and other crises.

3. Type your goals:

In the course of the previous two steps you should think quietly and reliably about your investment project. How much money will you invest? Will the returns of your project be close or far-reaching? What do you want to invest money? The objective of the investment varies from person to person, it may aim to:

Access to physical stability, so as not to depend solely on salary and career.
Build a family home.
Provide sufficient money to spend the after-service (retirement) in a calm and well-being.
Provide sufficient funds for the study of university children.
Setting a clear goal, and writing it in a prominent place in your notebook or office will increase your resolve and stimulate your enthusiasm if you ever get frustrated.

4. Choose the most appropriate way to invest money:

Sure, you know that the more money you earn, the more money you have to invest! Many people prefer to apply more than one method of investing money at the same time, so do not risk everything you own once. Surely you should divide your money between different investments based on your calculations of returns, taking into account the potential risks of each method. Here are some of the most popular ways to invest money that you should study deeply to choose the most appropriate ones, including:

1 / self-investment or participation: Here you use the head of the owner to start your own project, productive, commercial, or service, and thus increase your money with little effort. You can subscribe to make money with a friend, relative, or someone you trust, so you share the profits and losses together.

2. Shares and Sukuk: When you buy shares, you start working within a particular company, so that you are a partner in profit and loss or in other words become a partner in the ownership of each company acquiring some of its shares. It is preferable to be familiar with the company’s field of business, or to be a company with a good reputation in the market. It is one of the methods of investing the permissible money legally, provided that it deals with companies operating in permissible fields.

The instruments (or securities) are similar to the idea of ​​stocks with minor differences, and allow you to get profits from a project or company to a certain time determined when buying the instrument, up to 10 or 20 years.

3 / Real Estate Property: The real estate market is very excellent, but requires you to know the market, and a pre-study of urbanization trends and residential plans so that you put your money in the right place. The right choices may make your money multiply thousands of times in a few years.

4 / Gold and precious metals: Buy gold specifically, or other precious metals such as silver and diamonds excellent ways and ideas in investing money, they are not exposed to taxes, and retain their value over time and thus save your money from the problems of inflation in the market, and at the same time is easy to store, Transfer to cash, whenever you need money, you can sell part of it without any damage or problem.

5. Save enough money to start investing money:

Sure, as long as you are looking for ways to invest money, you have the money, and all you have to do now is decide how much money you need, and build your decision in the most appropriate way to invest in the amount you have, taking all the risks into account and all that is required to get To your goal.

6. Pay little!

This is one of the most important rules for investing money. Whatever method you choose, you do not have to risk everything you own. The most important point is to pay as little as possible when you buy .. The golden advice is: Buy when no one buys !! For example, in the real estate market, when you decide to buy a property in an area that is increasingly in demand, it is difficult to get a suitable price. Conversely, if you buy in the area of ​​demand, there will be less buying competition and there is room to negotiate with the seller. Do not lose you as a buyer, as long as few think about buying. For the real estate market you may not know what the low price is. If you do not have the know-how and expertise, your basic criterion is to buy as little as you can, and then sell as much as you can compare to the price you bought.

For the stock market it’s different! All you need is to buy stocks when the purchase value of the shares, which is often due to a problem in the company itself, led to the decline. As soon as the company goes beyond this crisis, things go back to normal, and the value of your shares begins to increase.

The same idea can be generalized to different investment methods, which means taking advantage of opportunities wherever you are to buy at the lowest possible price.

7. Timing is important:

With overnight changes in capital markets, the stock price can increase to a value you never expected, and at the same time it can go down to a much lower value than the one you bought. The same applies to real estate, minerals and others. The lesson here is to choose the right time to sell, if you feel that the value of the shares value will not reach them again soon according to your research and accounts show your shares for sale directly. For each step you must have the full knowledge and know-how in the case of the party from which you purchased until you make your decisions aware, without mistakes. Do not rush to sell your shares in Hungary to get a satisfactory price. Prices may continue to increase. No matter how tempting the offers are, you will not be tempted by temptation, and remember that providing such offers means that your investment future is heading for the better. At the same time, if I feel that things are out of control, that prices have decreased significantly and every day continues to decline, so that there is no room for improvement, I know that early withdrawal is the best, no matter how bad prices.

8. Lift Selling Price:

As we mentioned in the first article, investment of money necessarily means increasing. This increase will be obtained from the difference in the selling price you will sell, from the purchase price you purchased. As we explained in the previous step, timing is important, but under any circumstances try to raise prices as much as possible. You can take advantage of your earnings by starting a new investment, or increasing the chances of your current investment success.

Return On Investment And How To Account It?

Return On Investment

Return On Investment And How To Account It? Return on investment, which is often referred to in the world of the financial markets under the symbol “ROI” (an acronym for Return On Investment), is a financial measure used to measure the profitability of a particular investment option, or the comparison between several investment options. This measure calculates the size of the yield of an investment compared with the cost of this investment. The Matthew Hammersmith Omnia Investments account is to deduct the cost of investment of the final value of the investment and then dividing by the cost of investment, and is expressed as a percentage. Had, for example, the return on investment is going to say that 0.24 Earnings of 24% of the initial investment or short ROI = 24%.

What is the return on investment?
Return on investment is one of the most economic terms, more financial metrics used in the world of finance and investment. It is used to calculate the profit that has generated an investment, investor can not assess whether any investment in the stock market, bonds, commodities or even real estate market without the knowledge of how to calculate the return on investment. The benefit of this measure to give investors an idea of ​​the revenue generated has any investment and thus facilitate see which options may be better. In this article we will talk about the basics of return on investment and how their account and its importance as well as the factors that must take them into account in his account.

Return On Investment
Return On Investment

Interest return on investment lies in its ability to calculate the rate of profit (loss in the case had caused a negative number) compared to the total cost of investment, another way is a measure of return on investment by measuring the size of the profit generated from investment percentage. And it gives the investor an idea of ​​efficiency or profitability of every $ 1 (or any other financial unit) an investor in some way. In addition to its use as an Matthew Hammersmith Omnia APP indicator of the profitability of investments. Investors using the measure of return on investment as a benchmark to compare the performance of multiple investment operations of different sizes. Standard return on investment has become in recent years one of the most important financial indicators to measure the profitability of capital, in many fields, from industrial projects, stock market, bond market, real estate and even banking products, due to the ease of their account and give him a clear picture of the profitability of any investment may be understood by any an investor of any kind.

The standard return on investment by answering the following questions: What do we get in exchange for the amount that Snsttmrh? You will return higher than the cost of investing? Is expected return is worth the cost, which would be spent for? What is the net profit that Siderha investment? This standard by showing the size of net profit compared to the total cost of the size of investment. When the result is above 0, it means that a positive return on investment means that investment generates a profit on its owner, even if the resulting lower than 0, the return on Omnia investment will be negative and thus the investor to incur a loss of invested capital.

For example, if the return on investment equivalent to 10%, it means that the return exceeds the cost of investment by 10%, or in other words, the profitability of the investment is 10%, in contrast if the return on investment equivalent to 10% – the yield on the negative investment thus, the investment was not profitable, but has made a loss of 10%.
Calculate the return on investment
Return on investment is calculated by subtracting the value of the total cost of the initial investment or the value of the investment (Cost of investment) of the final value of the investment (Final investment or Total revenue) and then dividing the result by the total cost of the investment, according to the following formula:

return on investment formula – Omnia APP

As you can notice formula of calculating the return on a very simple and easy investment. The concept of the cost of investment and the total value may change at the end of investment from one area to another, for example, manager can calculate the return the company to investment by turnover net as the size of the final investment and the cost of purchasing goods that have been sold Kklvh investment, at a time may be someone else calculates the return on investment by the total sales and the cost of the products that were sold size. To illustrate more continued with us the following example:

We will assume that the investor decided to invest in the stock market by buying shares of a small company, despite the fact that his move carry a big risk but Msttmrna believe that the company’s shares will rise in the coming months. And therefore has the investor buys 5,000 shares valued at $ 1 per share. A year later the company’s share price rose as investors expected and arrived at the price of $ 3.5 per share, for the sale of shares bought and reap the profits. You can calculate the return on investment of the operation carried out by the investor as follows:

Return On Investment formula – Omnia Investments

You could see that the return on investment achieved by this investor is 2.5 or 250%. This means that the investment process has been very successful. In other words we can say that the investor a profit of $ 2.5 on every $ 1 he invests it. After the investor to reap the profits, the other investment process for $ 1000, where he bought shares of a company where the price per share of $ 1. After a while, the price reached to 1.25 and the investor felt that this price is the maximum price per share may reach him, so he sold his shares at this price, to be the quotient of return on investment are as follows:

ROI calculation – Omnia Investments

Return on investment in the process of 0.25 or 25%, which means that for every $ 1 in this investment der turnover of $ 0.25 (or 25 cents). Despite the return of 25% it is a very good return, but the first investment was much better than the second investment in terms of profitability obtained by the investor.

The calculation of return on investment in the same way no matter how different types of investment processes, no matter how different types of financial markets. The most widely used measure of investors to calculate the realized gain. Return on investment ROI is a measure historically, ie it measures the return on investment that you have made in the past. Therefore you should know that the investment, which may generate a good return in the past may not yield the same return in the future. For example, many of the stocks have given returns of between 200% and 500% during the period of growth, but then share prices collapsed. So you should not shall take investment decisions based on the yield achieved in the past.